Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome to Miri!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Greetings from Miri. We are getting to the feel of the convention.

The Webmaster Christopher Choong and Assistant Webmaster Cheah Seang Chin are uploading news about the convention every minute.

To all delegates, have a memorable, educational and great convention!! To those back home, stay tuned God bless you all.

Thank you.

Rosalind Chan, DTM
District Public Relations Officer 2009-2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

❤ Happy Teacher's Day 16/05/2010 ❤

Single event tickets and Changes of Name

* Single event tickets
- Seminars RM30/-(per seminar)
- Speech Contest RM30/- (per contest)
- Luncheon - RM50/- (per lunch)
- Welcome night Dinner - RM80/ per pax
(Ticket sales will close by 12 noon 21 May 2010)
- Gala Night Dinner - RM120/- per pax
(Dinner and keynote seminar by DTM Johnny Uy)
(Ticket sales will close by 12 noon 22 May 2010)

Late Registration is still at RM500/-

Highlights of the Convention
* Election of the District 51 & 87 District Officers
* Witnessing the Champion of the Champion in Speech Contest
* Power packed Plenary Session and Educational Session
* Convention Bidding
* HOME - Welcome Night - Theme: Denim Nite
* Installation & Awards Banquet Gala Nite.
* Pre & Post Convention Tour

Soft reminder
- Delegates heading to Brunei Darulsalem, remember to bring your passport
- Come early and prepare to stay back for the MAY Fest 2010 in Miri
- Miss Tourism International Final - Miri Indoor Stadium 20th May 2010
- Bring your digital camera/video cam with extra gigabytes
- Karaoke, Disco, Pub and fun exciting outlets awaits You
* Anything which is doubtful please ASK.

***Any further changes of your name tag,
a minimal fee will be charge for the Material and services.
(at only RM5.00/- per changes)

If it is typo mistake it is FREE of CHARGE.

Convention Chairman and COC welcome YOU to the Miri Resort City.
Celebrating our Miri City day together in Miri.

William Kueh

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Signing of M.O.U. between Imperial Hotel Miri & Toastmasters International District 51 17th Annual Convention Committee

On the 27th April 10, the signing of memorandum of understanding between Imperial Hotel,Miri and Toastmasters International, District 51 17th Annual Convention organizing committee at Imperial Hotel itself. The ceremony was witness by the Guest of Honor "YB Andy Chia", also present was the CEO of Boulevard Group Of Companies Mr Don Yew, Imperial Hotel, Miri General Mananager Mr Su Sii Jiong, Toastmasters International District 51 Govenor Mr Ritchie, 17th Annual Convention Chairman Mr Wlliam Kueh, Convention Deputy Chairman Mr Richard Tsen and Margaret Nawan.

Apart from the ceremony, YB Andy Chia has generously supported the Toastmasters International 17th Annual Convention financially and he was glad that event was held in Miri because this will give the resort city a boost in tourism. The convention will be held at Imperial Hotel, Miri from 21st - 23rd May 2010.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Convention Schedule Has Been Slightly Amended (15/04/2010)

Please get your latest copy from HERE , or view it HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Theme and Dress Codes

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,
The Theme for the Toastmasters International District 51 17th Annual Convention 2010 Miri:
HOME - Harnessing Our Moment of Excellence

Theme for the Welcome Night:
" DENIM " Nite
Jeans with white T-shirt or shirt/all jeans

Theme for the Installation Banquet & Awards Night:

Dress to Kill - Tuxedo with bowtie. All black/white/combination of Black & White (FORMAL)

Taxi Fare from the Airport to Imperial Hotel, Miri - RM22/-
Limited Hotel rooms left BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.
(*Miri City Day Celebration and Miss Tourism Final in Miri)
COC looks forward to your arrival.
William Kueh
Convention Chairman

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earthquake in Sumatra

Dear Fellow Toastmasters
An earthquake hit Sumatra yesterday morning and tremors could be felt even in Penang at around 6.15 am (07/04/2010).  We understand electricity in Medan was cut too.
We are very concerned for our Medan Toastmasters who may have relatives and friends living around this area.  We hope Division H Governor Indriani Asfa, ACS, CL, AG H1 David Udaya CC, CL, AG H2 Maryati Gho, CC, CL, AG H3 Taslim Jailani, District Logo Designer/Newsletter Sub Editor & Design Henny Wahyuni, ACB, ALB, Club Coach Coordinator Catherine Setiono, DTM and all Medan Toastmasters and friends and relatives are safe and well.
We are praying for you.

Rosalind Chan, DTM
District Public Relations Officer 2009-2010
All Things Are Possible
District Theme: Toastmasters: Speaking Your Way to Magical  Transformation
District Website  :
Miri Convention  :

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Registration Fee

Dear all,

The registration fee for this coming convention is still RM500.

Single event ticket is available for spouse and children, bundles with dinner is RM120, while without lunch or dinner is RM80.

Please be advised that every contestant must be registered.


Miri's accommodation, from budget hostels to international class hotels. Source: [MIRI & NORTHERN SARAWAK GUIDE ]

Soft reminder to all delegates

Soft reminder to all delegates:

Convention Hotel rooms are still available.
When you book with Samantha Chua - 0168783537
tell them you are coming for the Toastmasters Convention if not
the answer will be the hotel is fully booked.
* Crystal Trophy will be given away to the following:
1. Largest delegation from the DIvision
2. Largest delegation from the Area
3. Largest delegation from the Club
4. Largest delegation recruited by an individual
Delegates who are from the mandarin clubs please furnish your chinese name to be printed on your name tag.
Vegetarian - do let us know earlier for the arrangement of food.

Delegates Registration List as of 24/03/2010

Confirmation No. /Name/ Division N-0001 Goh Guat Mui A W-0001 Jane Yeo A N-0002 Tirath Pannu A C-0001 Jenny Ng A K-0001 Sharon Chiang A K-0002 Mak Chee Kin A W-0002 Ng Chee Hau A W-0003 Cindy Cheah A W-0004 Teh Bin Yuen A W-0005 Lim Ah Leck A W-0006 Tan Soo Hia A B-0001 Chong Seok Yi A W-0007 Sam Yoke Lin A P-0001 Alicia Quek A P-0002 Gwen Lee A S-0001 Mahindera Kumar a/l Tarachand A C-0002 Nancy Kwan A P-0003 Liza Alip A P-0004 Jasmine Lim A P-0005 Jessie Yong A P-0006 Teresa Yeo Cheu Eng A P-0007 Bryan Soh Chong Boon A P-0008 Foo Kit Lian A B-0002 Fung Lee Jean A B-0003 Doreen Tey A P-0009 Au Yong Lucy A P-0010 Harold Julian Angus A W-0008 Patricia Jalleh A C-0003 Simon Tan A B-0004 Debbie Ting A B-0005 Glenn Koh Sai Hoong A N-0003 Ong Mui Keow A W-0009 J.Kannan A P-0011 Michael Chu A C-0004 Cindy Wong A P-0012 Azian Rosley A B-0006 Joyce Phu A D-0001 Abu Hasan Bin Bakar A B-0007 Azizah Abu Hassan A B-0008 Melvin Chan Kok Leng A W-0010 Joshua Ling How Gin A B-0009 Ahmad Bin Yusof A B-0010 Simah Binti Ahmad A C-0005 Low Yat Seow B B-0011 Yap Choi Woon B B-0012 Dennis Wee Sung Ken B B-0013 Irene Lee Yoke Leng B C-0006 M. N. Valli B W-0011 Andy Ching B W-0012 Peggy Yap B W-0013 Yip Jeong Teng B N-0004 Low Lai Lien B P-0013 G. Siva B W-0014 Dr. Choong B W-0015 Alice Ong L.T. B C-0007 Calvin Lim B C-0008 Leong Oi Wah2 B C-0009 Leong Oi Wah3 B P-0014 Nicole Choe B P-0015 Sue Ding B P-0016 Meyyappa Manickam B W-0016 Hoo Sze Ling B B-0014 Johnson Yike B B-0015 Gan Poh Lin B M-0001 Yeoh Cheng Lim B M-0002 Joyce Tan B M-0003 Julie Ngiam B M-0004 Tan Liu Hun B M-0005 Vasugi M Subramaniam B M-0006 Sandrasagaran B M-0007 Emil Anthony B M-0008 Naeelah Bushrah B M-0009 Jamila Khan B M-0010 Jess Foong B M-0011 Thiaga Rajah B M-0012 S.K.Ratnam C M-0013 Ismail Omar C M-0014 Chuan Teik Boon C M-0015 Lim Kah Hong C M-0016 Gina Lim C M-0017 NK Valli C M-0018 Barry Ong1 C M-0019 Barry Ong2 C M-0020 Barry Ong3 C M-0021 PARAMES RAMANATHAN (DISTRICT TLI REGISTRATION CHAIR) C M-0022 Odett Liew Soak Sin C M-0023 Arthur Lai C M-0024 Dorothy Miow Yoon Lan C M-0025 yvonee Leong Lai Hoong c M-0026 Albert George D M-0027 Dunstan Chan D M-0028 Tan Cho Huat D S-0002 Marlene Sim D S-0003 Kevin Voon D S-0004 Poh Khee Yiong D S-0005 Cuthbert Lo D S-0006 Stanley Ngu D S-0007 Campbell Apau D S-0008 Dominica Tan D N-0005 Margaret Loh D S-0009 Wendy Chen Wan Nee D S-0010 Regina Yap D N-0006 Leslie Chai D S-012 Tan Hong Mui D S-013 Timothy Yong D S-014 Susan Teal D S-015 Elenewati Yeap Abdullah D S-016 Winnie Jakai D S-017 Idris Sulaiman D S-018 Mrs Lesli White D S-019 Marilyn Mitsu Sogep D S-020 Darren Sim D S-021 Rowena Michelle Tan Sheh Feng D S-022 Alexson Kelling Buja E S-023 Sia King Noo E S-024 Bobo Wong Ting Kit E S-025 Andrew Bajat E C-0014 Loh Yunn Hua E S-027 Molly Sim E S-028 Elaine Wee E S-029 Abel Tan Cheng Ting E S-030 Shanon Paul K Barin E S-031 Agatha Barin E S-032 Lijah Muor E S-033 Atien Nadot E C-0010 Taqiuddin bin Ahmad Kendong E K-0003 mustapha lai E K-0004 Hwang Boon Huat E S-034 Kendary Johnny E S-035 Lau Lik Nang E S-036 Law Jen Heng E N-0007 Lau Ching Hoo E N-0008 Liw Hui Peng E S-037 wong chih kai E S-038 wong kwong leong E S-039 medan1 H S-040 medan2 H S-041 medan3 H S-042 medan4 H N-0009 medan5 H N-0010 medan6 H N-0011 medan7 H N-0012 medan8 H N-0013 medan9 H N-0014 medan10 H N-0015 medan11 H N-0016 medan11 H S-043 medan12 H N-0017 medan13 H S-044 medan14 H S-045 medan15 H S-046 medan16 H S-047 medan17 H S-048 medan18 H S-049 medan19 H S-050 medan20 H N-0018 medan21 H S-051 medan22 H N-0019 Johan1 I N-0020 Johan2 I N-0021 Johan3 I N-0022 Johan4 I S-052 Johan5 I K-0005 Johan6 I K-0006 Johan7 I K-0007 Johan8 I K-0008 Johan9 I K-0009 Johan10 I K-0010 Johan11 I K-0011 Johan12 I K-0012 Johan13 I K-0013 Johan14 I K-0014 Johan15 I K-0015 Johan16 I D-0002 Johan17 I D-0003 Johan18 I D-0004 Johan19 I D-0005 Johan20 I D-0006 Johan21 I D-0007 Johan22 I D-0008 Vannessa Lim Shin Yi K D-0009 Grace Chiu@Chu Kui Tsin K D-0010 Alice Kok Ai Lee K D-0011 Amy Hiew Yen Mie K D-0012 Yan Ngai Nen K D-0013 Chua Siew Yin K D-0014 Randy Wong Kian Fui K D-0015 Winnie Ting Kim Poh K D-0016 Ang Seow Kim K D-0017 Yap Yuk Ting K D-0018 Monica Liew Siew Chun K D-0019 Wong Phon Yun K D-0020 Lo Kok Kiong K D-0021 Chang Chun Loi K D-0022 Foong Fong Teo K D-0023 Clovis Lai K N-0023 Genevieve Lai K N-0024 Selvarajah K. Nagalingam K W-0017 Tan Kae Wen K W-0018 Athimoolam Ganeson K W-0019 Nadiah Hj Leman K E-0001 Siti Intan Dolrani K N-0025 Rozana Yunos K N-0026 Datin Hjh Faridah Abdullah K B-0016 Goh Yih Jen K B-0017 Brian Doolan K P-0017 Md Arriffin Bujang K P-0018 Shawn Cassidy Narcis K W-0020 Ruey Chong-Narcis K W-0021 Hanaa Abdullah K W-0022 Caroline Chin K W-0023 Stephanie Lai K W-0024 Theresa Thien K A-0001 Soo Yuen Mee K A-0002 Rosie Moo K A-0003 Wong Mee Lin K A-0004 Tan Ying Shiee1 K A-0005 Tan Ying Shiee2 K A-0006 Tan Ying Shiee3 K B-0018 Tan Ying Shiee4 K B-0019 Tan Ying Shiee5 K B-0020 Tan Ying Shiee6 K B-0021 Tan Ying Shiee7 K B-0022 Tan Ying Shiee8 K B-0023 Tan Ying Shiee9 K B-0024 Tan Ying Shiee10 K B-0025 Tan Ying Shiee11 K B-0026 Tan Ying Shiee12 K B-0027 Tan Ying Shiee13 K B-0028 Tan Ying Shiee14 K B-0029 Tan Ying Shiee15 K B-0030 Tan Ying Shiee16 K B-0031 Tan Ying Shiee17 K C-0011 Tan Ying Shiee18 K N-0027 Tan Ying Shiee19 K P-0019 jasmine leong1 K W-0025 jasmine leong2 K W-0026 jasmine leong3 K W-0027 jasmine leong4 K W-0028 jasmine leong5 K W-0029 jasmine leong6 K W-0030 jasmine leong7 K W-0031 jasmine leong8 K W-0032 jasmine leong9 K W-0033 jasmine leong10 K W-0034 jasmine leong11 K W-0035 OOI POH TIN M W-0036 CHOONG BEE KEAN M E-0002 AMOS TEOH ENG HOCK M E-0003 MAGGIE FONG SIEW HAR M E-0004 LEE AI KIN M A-0007 TEH CHIN LAM M A-0008 LEE LI LEAN M A-0009 OOI SIEW CHOO M A-0010 OOI CHIN GUAN M A-0011 UNG CHOONG ZHI M A-0012 NG PEY LING M A-0013 LOW ENG CHOON M A-0014 SAW WOOI KEAT M A-0015 OOI TEIK LIANG M A-0016 TEH WIN SERN M A-0017 OOI KWONG ENG M A-0018 Desmond M A-0019 Michelle Khoo Lay Khoon M A-0020 Adrian Swea M E-0005 Lim Kok Hong M E-0006 Edric M E-0007 Whitney Lau Lee Kheng M E-0008 Lim Chin Heng M K-0016 Alicia Tan Soo Choo M K-0017 Chan Haw Hon M K-0018 Ee Yong Ming M K-0019 Chok Khay Ree M K-0020 YEOH SIEW YING M K-0021 Paul Cho1 M K-0022 Paul Cho2 M K-0023 Paul Cho3 M K-0024 Paul Cho4 M K-0025 Paul Cho5 M K-0026 Paul Cho6 M K-0027 Paul Cho7 M K-0028 Paul Cho8 M K-0029 Paul Cho9 M A-0024 Paul Cho10 M A-0025 Paul Cho11 M A-0026 Mah Swee Chin N A-0027 Karen The Hui Pheng N A-0028 R. Sivanganam N A-0029 Yeap Kian Yong N A-0030 Seah Yeow Ngee N A-0031 Lim Kheng Yew N A-0032 Koay Kah Hin N A-0033 Rosalind Chan Yee Fong N A-0034 Chin Jing Wen N A-0035 Ang Eng Chai N A-0021 John Yeoh N A-0022 Chong Shih Jun N A-0023 Wendy Wong N A-0036 Ng Soon Kheong N A-0037 Abdul Kadir N A-0038 Sabrina binti Abdul Rahim N A-0039 Sutharat N A-0040 June Lim N A-0041 Jessica Teo N A-0042 Ricky Ch'ng N A-0043 Terence Lee N S-053 Jasmine N S-054 Cheryll Ng N S-055 Francis Ooi Chong Jin N K-0030 Dr. Sarjit Singh N K-0031 May Cheah N K-0032 Goay Yen Lee N K-0033 Koay Leeng Sze N K-0034 Geoff Andrew P K-0035 Tang Sum Chee P K-0036 Wan Md. Zin P W-0037 Mandy Ong P P-0020 Lee Swee Seng P P-0021 Ron Low P C-0012 Eu Choi San P W-0038 Ganesh Sangaran P W-0039 Ahmad Fakri Hamzah P B-0032 Ahmad Salahuddin P D-0024 Sandra Ghouse P C-0013 K. N. Devan P E-0009 Ramdas Nayar P E-0010 Dr. Caren Lee1 P E-0011 Dr. Caren Lee2 P E-0012 Dr. Caren Lee3 P E-0013 Ismail Omar P E-0014 Lucy Zane P E-0015 Hakim Hamzah P E-0016 Puah Hooi Ling P E-0017 Puah Hooi Ling P E-0018 Michelle Ewe S E-0019 Yeoh Hui Kiang S E-0020 Lee Kah Moey S M-0029 Tor See See S M-0030 Seow Chin Seang S M-0031 P'ng Hock Chye S M-0032 Tan Su Lin S M-0033 Teoh Pei Yin S M-0034 Tang Chin Hooi S M-0035 Cheah Tong Kim S M-0036 Kenny Lee S M-0037 Lee Yook Siong S M-0038 Lee Siew Hong S M-0039 Lai York Keong S I-0001 Jaclyn Teoh S I-0002 Yam Chew Chong S I-0003 Christine Khor S I-0004 Ginny Lim S I-0005 Muthukumaran Kodiappen S I-0006 Eleanor Ooi S I-0007 Joanne Tan S I-0008 Cheah Seang Chin S I-0009 Justin Noel Manikam S I-0010 Ronald Lim S I-0011 Joseph Chen S I-0012 Kay Sock Phoh S I-0013 Anne Cheah S I-0014 Susan Tan S I-0015 Lim Khee Seong S I-0016 Celine Choy Ker Woon S I-0017 Chee Keng Kok S I-0018 Lim Seow Hoe S I-0019 Tan Chia Lih S I-0020 Foo Chee Jiang S I-0021 Christopher Choong S I-0022 Celin Chair S K-0037 Johnson Tang S K-0038 Jessica Ho S K-0039 Tan Poh Ai S K-0040 Pauline Sia S K-0041 Lee Yew Jin S K-0042 Yap Weng Heng S K-0043 SH Neoh S K-0044 Erik Ooi Seng Chai S K-0045 Yoon Peng Yew S K-0046 Penny Ooi S K-0047 Cheah Ee Liang S K-0048 Beh Foong Yin S K-0049 Jessica Tan S K-0050 Lee Boon Chien S K-0051 Suzerian Francis S K-0052 Rathiga K Rukumangadan S K-0053 Nadarajan Varathan S K-0054 Cheong Kuok Sum W K-0055 Francis Ng W K-0056 Azmi Shahrin W K-0057 Soh Fong Wai1 W K-0058 Soh Fong Wai2 W K-0059 Soh Fong Wai3 W K-0060 Zaharah Ibrahim W K-0061 Dr. Sharon Tong W K-0062 Ivy Cherng W K-0063 Tan Ben Hoe W K-0064 Janice Lee W K-0065 Tan Lay Theng W K-0066 Fauziah binti Selamat W H-0001 N. J. Singam W H-0002 Melissa Teoh W H-0003 Leong Oi Wah1 W H-0004 Rema Paul W H-0005 SKL Walia W H-0006 Loh Chia Hur W H-0007 Angeline Lee W H-0008 Lorna Fisher W H-0009 Rohijas Md Sharif W H-0010 Rohijas (spouse) W H-0011 Henry Fu W H-0011 Mohd. Hadzrin Shah W H-0012 Tan Siok Looi W H-0013 Ernest Wong W H-0014 Sin Siew Fun W H-0015 Christine Khoo W H-0016 Adeline An W H-0017 Vincent Hor W H-0018 Ng Lay See W H-0019 Ong Kim Cheong W H-0020 Chiong Chee Kin W H-0021 Jane Wu W H-0022 Goh Wei Lyn W N-0028 Alice Liu Ghee Voon W E-0021 Mah Li Chen W E-0022 Taufik Mohd. Salleh W